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About Us

When you are fighting against the government, your freedom and  future are at stake. A good lawyer is not good enough.  You need exceptional lawyers like

Brian Mendelsohn and Jeffrey Ertel.

The Mendelsohn Ertel Law Group - TMELG - is a boutique law firm that specializes in providing elite, sophisticated, and aggressive criminal defense services. Working mostly in federal court, we represent clients at all stages of the process including investigation, initial appearance, arraignment and bond hearings, pretrial proceedings, plea or trial, sentencing, and appeal. We know federal court and federal law inside out. We are not afraid to stand up to the government on behalf of our clients, and we use our decades of experience to achieve the best possible outcomes. We are not former prosecutors who have decided to switch sides.  We are not lawyers who dabble in federal cases once in a while. We do not do civil cases or sue insurance companies over car wrecks. We are life-long, die hard, federal criminal defense lawyers. While we are highly experienced and tireless fighters, we also understand the pressures and stresses that arise when the government targets someone for prosecution.


The attorneys at TMELG - The Mendelsohn Ertel Law Group - know and understand the human side of our clients and to be there during one of the most difficult periods in their lives. When the government directs all its resources toward prosecuting you, the attorneys of The Mendelsohn Ertel Law Group will stand with you and stand in the government’s way.

Brian Mendelsohn

Criminal Defense Attorney With Over 30 Years of Experience

Jeffrey Ertel

Criminal Defense Attorney With Over 30 Years of Experience

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